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Life by Design  Coaching Network

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6595 Roswell Rd Ste G2226

Atlanta GA 30328

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“Are You Feeling Overwhelmed Experiencing A Lack of Zeal In Your Life, Rushing from One Day To The Next Merely Existing Not Living Your Best Life.”

I have 18 years of experience as a Therapist and I am now a Professional Life Coach offering Services to Groups, Couples , Families, and Individuals on a virtual platform. Webinars, Relationship, Spiritual Wellness, Personal Life Balance and Career Coaching is offered.

You Can Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of And Feel Better Than You Have Ever Felt In Your Entire Life. I Believe That Every Individual Can Channel Their Higher Self And Remove Blockages Hindering Them And Keeping Them Stagnate. No Matter What You Have Experienced Or What You Have Been Through, I Believe That There Is A Remedy For Your Situation.

As a Therapist I Dealt With Extensive Cases Of Clients With Trauma on every level Certified for Mental and Telehealth. I Am Now A Full Time Life Coach And I Am Delighted To Help You Understand More About Yourself And Your Current Condition. With The Corona Virus Spreading Throughout The World, I Believe That Life Coaching Is Even More Important Now Than Ever Before. Life By Design Life Coaching Will Give You The Ability To Execute And Achieve Your Goals, Living Your Best Life.

Life Coaching Is a Harmonious Relationship Between A Life Coach And A Client Designed To Tap Into His Or Her Full Potential. We Work With People From Different Walks Of Life, Business Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Busy Moms, Women Of All Types, Couples And Group Coaching, Helping Them Define And Achieve Their Goals In Their Career And Personal Lives. Here Are A Few


•You Start Taking More Effective Actions Immediately

•You Create Momentum So It’s Easier To Get Results

•You Set Goals That Are Measurable And Achievable

•You Will Discover The Secrets On How To Get Most Out Of Yourself

•You Will Unlock The Inner Gifts You Were Born To Share With The World

•You Will Learn Your Human Design And Purpose For Being

•You Will Transform Your Way Of Thinking

•You Will Learn To Be More Co-operative

•You Will Learn To Be The Best Version Of Yourself


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Toni Buchanan, B.A,M.A,M.ed.

Professional Life Coach


New Book Coming Soon!

Beauty from Ashes

A Guide To Healing from Childhood Trauma and Abuse





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