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Bakersfield has so much to offer and is growing fast. With new construction booming, Children’s Hospitals, new schools, improved streets and new freeways, all signs that this city is strengthening. This is always a good sign for real estate. Sellers: you need a good listing agent who knows how to compete with the new construction that’s likely popping up just down the street from you. Buyers: After working with a local semi-custom builder, I’ve gained expert experience when it comes to new construction and you’ll want to have me by your side for the purchase and build time. Building is not as easy as it seems. If buying resale, let’s get you positioned in the right area where you can enjoy the growth of Bakersfield instead of getting swallowed up in it. Call me today!



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Address: 10800 Stockdale Hwy., Suite 101, Bakersfield, CA 93311

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