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When your legal issues feel impossible to overcome on your own, turn to Isla Law Offices. Our firm has more than 25+ years of experience helping people like you solve serious problems. If you are drowning in debt, managing a business, struggling with divorce and child custody, or facing criminal charges, we can advance your best interests by offering straightforward advice and practical guidance. If we need to take your issue to court, we will fight tenaciously for your rights and freedom.

When you bring your legal issue to our office, you get our direct attention. We listen to your concerns and help you focus your priorities. Together, we work to re-frame your emotionally charged issues into matters we can tackle with a practical and effective step-by-step approach.

No matter your unique circumstances, our attorney is committed to providing prompt responses, dedicated support, and personalized legal services. That’s why we offer free consultations both in person and over the phone. Our technology allows us to serve clients remotely, streamlining the legal process and saving valuable time.

30 minute free consultation and 10% off hourly rate or flat fee for union members (except contingent fee cases)


Services: Bankruptcies, Bankruptcy, Car Accidents, Chapter 13, Chapter 7, Child Custody, Criminal Law, Dissolution, Divorce, Domestic Violence, DUI/DWI, Family Law, Felony, Juvenile Law & Business Law, Misdemeanor, OVI, Personal Injury





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