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Surgery for Obesity (Bariatric)

They are surgical procedures that help control morbid obesity and contribute very efficiently to reducing the comorbidities of these patients, recovering their health and self-esteem. We perform them by open pathway, laparoscopic and robotic.


Hernia Surgery

Specialized surgery to heal hernias of any anatomical site, with tension-free technique using biomaterials (meshes), with open, laparoscopic and robotic technique, offering economic packages, short hospital stay and quick reintegration into their activities.


General Endoscopic Surgery

We perform general surgery procedures with minimally invasive approaches (laparoscopic surgery), such as: endoscopic appendectomy, fundoplications (nissen) and esophageal hiatus plasty, for patients with gastroesophageal reflux, gastric surgery, cholecystectomy, and bile duct surgery, for patients with : gallbladder lithiasis, choledocholithiasis and various pathologies such as liver cysts, pancreatic surgery, colon surgery, diagnostic laparoscopy, among others.


Consultations – Nutrition

We provide comprehensive nutritional care to our patients with nutritional plans that are formulated according to: gender, age, activities. Etc. And its diseases associated with overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, or morbid obesity. Etc.


Consultations – General Medicine

We serve all patients who require general medicine consultation, by appointment or urgently, by calling our phones. Where we answer them, we guide and we are here to serve them.


Phone numbers:
+52 (55) 26140460-61, or (55) 54085991



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