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You will get an agent with 23 years of experience. I’ve been selling real estate since 1997. Prior to that, I worked for real estate litigators in one of the largest law firms in the county. They prepared me well for my future profession. I also worked for a law firm that represented many men and women that were union members and worked in the trades.

You will get an agent that takes the time to educate you about the process, and keeps you informed every step of the way. I love to learn, and I assume my clients do as well. I believe the more you know, the less you stress. You’ll get an outstanding problem solver. I believe that is singularly the most important quality of an agent, where some agents seem to panic when issues come up, as if problems in a transaction take them by surprise. In real estate, in every transaction, issues always come up. It’s my job to identify them, solve them, and move on to the next step. In 23 years in this business, I have an outstanding batting average at closing transactions, and that is directly related to my tenacity, and my ability to look at an issue from every angle until I find a solution. You will get my attention. When we are together, either looking at property or reviewing contracts, etc., you will have my undivided attention. I will be asking you questions, so I have a clear idea of what you need and want. At the end of the transaction, I want you to be satisfied. You get an agent with integrity, who puts YOU first. Integrity is everything to me. If I don’t put your needs first, then I would not be doing my job. Because of that, 85% of my business comes from referrals and past clients. If I do a good job for you, it’s my hope that you will refer your friends and family to me – that’s how I’ve flourished in this business.


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