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One thing is for sure, I didn’t become a Life Coach overnight! My journey has been a great teacher… with its many challenges along the way. Rape and sexual abuse haunted my childhood and created anxious feelings including the need to become invisible. This dynamic created many questions about myself.

After merging out of this scary and lonely place, I decided to enter into the world in a bolder more confident way and teach what saved me from Myself. I discovered yoga and meditation,  which assisted me in the long, slow road to a healthier version of Myself. This is an ongoing process for me.

I wanted to explore this deeper part of myself and was guided to the amazing world of hypnotherapy. This inner world has become a significant part of my life personally and professionally. What was revealed in my hypnotherapy sessions…. blew me away. There were so many forgotten memories and insights all deep within me. 

I find whatever I learn about myself can be used in a Positive and Magical way.

For seven years, I taught Creationship fine art classes. I had the pleasure of invoking little artist’s imaginations. I taught them to paint with acrylics and colored inks, sculpt using plaster and clay, to smudge pastels and charcoal and have fun. During one art class, one of the little artists asked me, “Could we have quiet time?” She felt something stir within and she wished to hold onto it. As the parents arrived to pick up their children, they would comment on the incredible ‘feeling’ in the art studio.

This energy known as soul, spirit, big magic, higher self, inner wisdom or whatever you wish to call it, is awaiting your recognition and connection to ‘IT’.

For over 20 years, I’ve been guiding Inner Journey sessions for my clients to meet and listen to their inner wisdom. I’ve evolved traditional hypnotherapy into a new form of spiritual inquiry. Nouveau sessions invoke self-exploration, insight and transformation of old ways of thinking and being into new positive magical ways of being.

I believe and experience my intuition and manifesting skills on a daily basis. I feel ideas that ultimately come true. What? Yes it’s truly magical.

Imagine Getaways is a lovely dance between depth, transformation and magic! I invite you to meet your magic, inside & out!