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After 32+ years our Law Firm continues to champion trust solutions for our clients, expanding ways we can help.

We often complete client trusts under heartbreaking circumstances, so we urge those you care about to take care of these matters before a heartbreaking or awkward situation arises; or, when it becomes too late. Our Law Office is focused on our clients’ needs, and we also share our knowledge with topical free videos on our website. Together, we can positively advocate for those you know and love. Two (2) options to complete your living trust:

Our Comprehensive $499.00* Living Trust-By-Mail

Built for A Married Couple with Children

– or –

A Single Person with Children

*Current 2021 Pricing; Subject To Change

With A Satisfaction-Money-Back Guarantee

Same, Identical Comprehensive Trust as received by our In-Office Trust Clients!


Our Comprehensive $999.00* Living Trust

Meet Personally With Your Attorney

*Current 2021 Pricing; Subject To Change

We offer IN-OFFICE living trust with attorney-client appointments starting at $999.00 for those who feel more comfortable sitting down in person with their attorney, or who desire more trust assistance with their estate planning, strategies, and approaches.


We also successfully assist our clients with trust reviews and restatements, reformations of old, out-dated AB/ABC Trust structures, special needs trusts, probate, petitions, amendments, trust settlement and adminstration, and deceased counsel. In short, We Are Here For You…



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Why a Living Trust In a Nutshell

Who Do You Want In Control – The Government or Your Family?

The High Cost of Probate & Wills

The Endless Wait & Loss of Privacy In Probate

Problems With Joint Tenancy & Other Alternative Probate Avoidance Techniques