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Hello.  I am union member and attorney Mark J. Markus, Esq.  I am a Board Certified Specialist in bankruptcy law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.

I have practiced exclusively bankruptcy law in Los Angeles, California since 1991.  I do not dilute my practice or expertise with other areas of law.  Bankruptcy is all I do.

I represent debtors (those who owe debts) and creditors (those owed money by someone in bankruptcy), individuals and businesses,  in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.

CONVENIENCE: I do things differently than most attorneys.   I structure my bankruptcy practice to maximize convenience to my clients, making the process as quick, easy and painless as possible for them, while also maintaining the efficiency and quality of my representation.

Among other ways I do this by handling the vast majority of work in cases via telephone and e-mail thereby reducing unnecessary time spent traveling for my bankruptcy clients.

PROMPT RETURN OF CALLS AND AVAILABILITY:  If I’m known for anything it is that I return phone calls and e-mails very quickly.   It’s usually within a few minutes, but almost always within 24 hours.  I know communication is important to my bankruptcy clients and to give the best service I can.  I answer questions very quickly.

ALL WORK DONE BY ME:  All legal work done on your case is done by one bankruptcy attorney, and that is me and me alone.  I do not use any paralegals,  secretaries, or other attorneys for preparation of any legal documents any work done on your case.  I am the one you will be talking to and working with throughout your case.

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION: I offer free initial phone consultations (and on certain days office appointments are also free) and all appointments and consultation information can be submitted securely and  easily online, or printed out and returned.    This enables me to review your information, anticipate problems and request additional information before our initial appointment. The reason for this is to maximize the accuracy and efficiency of our meeting because I value your time. 

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