Reverend Kimmie Rose has touched the lives of thousands of people giving spiritual and inspirational guidance in private sessions, lectures, on the radio and television for over 20 years. Affectionately known as “Kimmie” by her fans and clients, she is sought after for her ability to help people to connect with loved ones and teach people from all walks and careers that they too, can connect with their intuitive gifts by fine tuning their senses and connecting with a process she calls Waking Up. She published her second book Wake Up Your Intuition- A Clairvoyant Reveals The Psychic Process and became a field speaker with The Association for Research and Enlightenment- The A.R.E – Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach and earned her Masters of Hypnotherapy where honored by The National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists for her contributions to Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. She has taught at holistic and medical conferences with some of the most respected heart based teachers such as Dr. Patch Adams, Gregg Braden and Jenny McCarthy. She co- hosted The Torch TV show with Dr. Patch Adams and hosts her own radio show InnerViews with Kimmie Rose.

Born in London, Ontario Canada the great great niece of seer William Blake she was no stranger to her gift of receiving messages from the spirit realm and being visited by a guide in a white robe named Abrahm who has stayed with her to this day. She has been published with her predictions in numerous newspapers and has appeared on Fox, NBC, CBS, The Mancow show, done weekly appearances on hundreds of radio stations across The United States and Canada and now is part of her favorite morning show, The Keola Show on 102.7 Da Bomb in Honolulu, Hawaii every Tuesday morning reaching out to listeners offering them healing, peace and inspiration doing mediumship and readings. Kimmie also hosts InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Jayant Thomas on 106.1 FM WAKT FM, Thursday’s 8 to 10 pm. She gives credit to her mother Carolyn Ruby who is also a psychic and Reiki Master for nurturing her gifts as a child.

In 2007 Kimmie Rose had a Near Death Experience that changed the course of her life forever. She was given the message to “Teach people we are one” and this message has taken her on a journey across the world to help people understand that we are all the same, no one is less or more and when we understand that we are each blessed with unique gifts meant to work together we will find more balance within ourselves and with each other. It is possible to live heaven on earth. Her projects The Bless You Project, I Have a Voice and YouTube Channel nurtures this message along with her lectures and media appearances.

Kimmie is also the author of the best-selling book among women called The Sun, Moon and Venus: A Simple Guide on How to Get the Most Out of Your Man. It’s a fun guide for women to learn how to better communicate with their partner, Wake Up Your Intuition, The Bless You Book, Emmanuelle Speaks Messages of Truth has stories in several Chicken Soup for The Soul books.

After 7 years of going into a time of self-reflection she founded Lite The Way Prisms of Light an online guidance and healing collaborative community. Her discovery of frequency healing through sound led her to republishing her book Wake Up Your Intuition and publishing a Workbook along with several self- help audios and videos to assist everyone to “remember” the natural gifts that they have and is excited to start her journey in Hawaii which she was told is The Womb of The Mother to share a message of Unity and Oneness!

Services: Health and Wellness, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Over The Phone, Hypnotherapy Seminars, Hypnotherapy Training, Immune System, Infections, PTSD, Spiritual Guidance, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Holistic Healing, Hypnotherapy CDS, Self Help