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Dr. Keyla Castillo is a doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Panama, during her university years she stood out for her participation as President of the Committee of Clinical Cases and Bibliographic Review of the Association of Medical Students, she also served as Vice -president of external affairs of the International Federation of Medical Students´ Associations (IFMSA-Panama). She published undergraduate clinical cases and bibliographic reviews in the Scientific Medical Journal, her extracurricular performance being recognized with the Carlos Finlay award.

In postgraduate studies, she completed her first year of medical internship at the La Caja de Seguro Social Hospital Complex and her second year of medical internship at Ezequiel Abadía Hospital in the District of Soná, Province of Veraguas; thus complying with the requirements demanded by the Ministry of Health to obtain the suitability that allows him to practice the medical profession throughout the Republic of Panama.

Later, she participates in the contest for Medical Residences to specialize in General Surgery, obtaining the highest score in that year for her specialty. Thus began her training in the General Surgery Service of the Hospital Complex of the Social Security Fund.

During her formative years, she participated in clinical case poster contests for Residents, as well as in multiple Congresses and Trainings related to her specialty.

During her years of residency, she served as coordinator of Internal Doctors of the surgical area in 2015. In 2017, she visited the City of Cali in Colombia to perform rotations in the Advanced Laparoscopy and Organ Transplant Services at the Fundación Valle del Lili, hospital ranked No. 1 in Colombia and No. 3 in Latin America. In addition, in that year she took the Diploma in Laparoscopy for Surgical Specialties dictated by the ICESI University in Cali, Colombia.

Currently, at the public level she works as Surgeon and Head of Teaching in the General Surgery Service of the Irma De Lourdes Tzanetatos Hospital. At a private level, she performs his private practice in the main hospitals of Panama City and attends private consultation at Hospital San Fernando Clinic.




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