Chad is a fully Licensed Mental Health Professional specializing in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. He was trained by the Wellness Institute located in Issaquah, Washington with this form of hypnosis that Cleveland Clinic is pioneering in attempts to make insurance pay for the service. He is certified through the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Traditional Talk Therapy, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Standard Hypnosis, and Reiki are apart of his practice. The shift to alternative healing methods are sweeping across the country and has now found it’s way to Evansville, IN, His Mission is to offer the most effective, efficient, powerful treatment to all people regardless of age, race, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation (or lack there of), and nationality. People are People and he believes as such. “If you treat a disease you win, you lose; but you treat a person I guarantee you win every time!” ~Patch Adams

What would your life look like if you attained the results you wanted? How much more could you do if you were able to address issues at the core? Why continue to struggle? The universe is abundant… reach out and claim what it is you want! Call, Text or Message me today!




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Address: 4770 Covert Ave Suite 217B, Evansville, IN 47714

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