Stepping into therapy takes courage, and if you are here, you are most likely ready for change. Sometimes two heads are better than one! We offer a welcoming atmosphere to find clarity, support, and growth. Our counseling practice sees life’s challenges as opportunities to understand ourselves more fully. Our therapeutic process is collaborative; we will honor your journey with non-judgment, confidentiality, and respect.

You have likely found yourself here because something in your life is asking to be explored and shifted. You may be searching for a way to handle life stressors with more mastery, heal from past wounds, create stronger and more fulfilling relationships with yourself and others, or for help dealing with difficult life changes. Sometimes we need some support navigating the rough waters of life. When we are “in the thick of it” we must learn that we are not broken, and therapy is not about “fixing”, but rather about developing self-awareness, inner kindness, and more emotional and behavioral options for responding to life’s ups and downs. Painful emotions like depression, anxiety, and shame can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and hopeless. Therapy can help guide you in releasing your pain and finally start living a life that you love!


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