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We are experiencing an age of great consciousness shifting and expedient interconnectedness. Many are becoming aware of all BEings deeper nature and in turn awakening senses that lay dormant. These senses plug us into the matrix of multidimensionality that we exist between. Access to our senses have been denied, leaving us in an imbalanced state of emergency struggling to obtain scarce resources. There are many reasons we are at this precipice of mass enlightenment/destruction. It is important to explore the reasons so we can understand the frequencies they are transmitting and counter or continue them. We then open the space to progress as a planetary elemental force.  SEER Energetics is a synergy of elemental consciousness and skills working to reclaim our holism, heal our ailments from their roots, change our patterns and teach us to push the evolution of our consciousness with our focus and dedication. ~Gahiji Akil


Services: life coaching, spiritual, creative, wellness, career, conflict, organizational. Reiki. Mediation. Strategic Planning. Group Facilitation. Psychic gift development. Reiki teaching. Energy clearing. anti-racist consulting.



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