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The Austin Ketamine Clinic is devoted to bringing innovative and effective mental healthcare to Austin, TX. Our highly skilled team seeks to to provide ketamine infusion therapy for mood disorders in the most optimal ‘set and setting’ and with the best clinical care each person deserves.

Treating Trauma With Ketamine
Traumatic events are a part of being human. The way our brain handles these specific moments varies constantly. Often times, there are peripheral reactions to undesirable events. Ketamine Therapy looks to treat the 13+ million people suffering from a mental disorder caused by trauma. Riding the speed of efficacy and long duration between treatments, Ketamine Therapy is exploring modern solutions to mental health care.

Ketamine has been proven to be a novel treatment for all types of Depression and is the most effective treatment for suicidal thoughts and behavior. In fact, the Department of Defense and the VA recommends ketamine infusion therapy as the first line treatment modality for suicidal ideation.


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